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Parkin Archeological State Park

Located on 107 acres on the eastern bank of the St. Francis River, the Parkin Archeological State Park offers visitors of all ages a look into the prehistoric past of Eastern Arkansas.

From approximately 1000 A.D. to 1550 A.D. a Mississippian-period American Indian village sat atop 17 acres enclosed by the river on one side and a moat on the other three. Over the years, this particular site was more fortunate than many others in the Delta region because the moat made the area impossible to cultivate, thus preserving the history for today’s researchers to unearth.

Today, visitors can watch research in progress as well as experience tours and educational programs throughout the year. Popular events include Black History Month School Days (February), Traveling Day Camp (July), Casqui School Days (September) and Sawmill School Days (October).

The site consists of a visitor center with large exhibit hall, small museum, audio-visual theatre and gift shop, a research lab, restored schoolhouse from the sawmill days of the early twentieth century and a large platform mound on the river bank dating back to the original village.

The facilities also include a paved walking trail, pavilions, picnic area, playgrounds and boat ramp. Find out more about the hours, events and programs by visiting Arkansas State Parks.

Village Creek State Park

Six miles south of Wynne, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy scenic Village Creek State Park, a 6,909-acre tract of land on Crowley’s Ridge. The park facilities only occupy a small portion of the entire acreage, with the majority resting in its natural state.

Available amenities include cabin rentals, campgrounds (including equestrian camping, including stables and corrals), easy and moderate hiking and horseback riding trails, boat and kayak rentals, pavilion rentals and picnic areas.

In addition, the park service offers guided hikes, programs, demonstrations and activities to interpret geological and cultural history. One such piece of history includes a visible section of the old Military Road that connected Memphis to Little Rock.

The "Jewel" of our State Park is the home of this Andy Dye signature golf course and the newest course on The Natural State Golf Trail, The Ridges at Village Creek. The Ridges opened in May 2012 and features 27 holes for play. The rolling terrain of Crowley's Ridge creates dramatic changes in elevation and a beauitful backdrop of hardwood forests on this championship course. Choose from three 18-hole combinations. Water comes into play on the 12 holes.  

Find out more about The Ridges and Village Creek State Park hours, events and programs by visiting Arkansas State Parks.