Public Schools


With progressive public school systems, Cross County is committed to increasing the quality of education for our residents, and in turn, quality of life for area families. Through consolidation over the years, we have built two fine districts that utilize the latest technology and teaching methods to create a culture of learning and personal growth for our youth.

The Wynne School Districts serves 2720 students and employs 385 certified and non-certified staff, with an average teacher salary of $53,000.  The district has four campuses: Primary-Grade K-2, Intermediate-Grades 3-5, Junior High-Grades 6-8, and High School-Grades 9-12.  The racial make-up of the district is 69% Caucasian, 29% African-American, and 2% other consisting of Hispanic, Asian, and Indian.  Our schools are a focal point in our community and our patrons take great pride in our reputation for outstanding academic and extra-curricular programs.

Wynne High School is an academy school with students enrolled in three academies:  Freshman Academy, STEM Academy (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), BCH2 Academy (Business, Communications, Health & Human Services).  The High School curriculum includes Pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement classes, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Sports Medicine and a wide selection of vocational classes including Computer Aided Drafting, Mobile Application Development, and Environmental & Spatial Technology.  Extra-curricular activities include football, basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, cheerleading, band, and choir.  The High School has one of only two Marine ROTC programs in the state with 100 students participating.  The school graduation rate is 93.7%.  Sixty-five percent of all graduates continue their education at a four- year, two-year, or technical education institution.  Our graduates have accepted a five-year average of 1.7 million dollars in scholarships.

Wynne Junior High curriculum includes Pre-advanced placement Math and English with an additional required literacy class for all students.  Elective courses include Gifted & Talented, Band, Choir, Art, and Environmental & Spatial Technology.  Extracurricular offering are football, basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading.

Wynne Intermediate is one of four elementary schools in the state that have the designation as a School of Innovation.  Innovations include personalized blended learning with an emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).  Foreign language is also included in the curriculum.  The Intermediate School also houses one of ten elementary Environmental & Spatial Technology programs in the state.

Wynne Primary School has a 1 to 18 teacher to student ratio in Kindergarten.  Differentiated Instruction is used for struggling learners and accelerated learners in all grades.  Emphasis is placed on reading instruction using Phonics First.  All students participate weekly in classes in science lab, music, art, library, and physical education.  The science lab instructor was recognized as the Regional Teacher of the Year and a finalist for State Teacher of the Year.


The district presently has 3,100 computer devices for student use with all classrooms equipped with Smart Boards and wireless connectivity.  The main computer device used by all students is the Chromebook.  I-pads and MacBooks are also available for student use.  The district places a priority on keeping all technology devices up-to-date and teaching students to use today’s technology.


Wynne School District

  • 2,720 students
  • Primary, intermediate, junior and senior high schools
  • 16:1 student/teacher ratio in school district
  • 12:1 student/teacher ratio in high school
  • 2:1 student/computer ratio
  • 100% of teachers certified in areas they teach
  • 94.3% graduation rate
  • 20.5 average ACT score (state average)
  • Specialized Tech Programs:
    • College & Career Ready Programs
    • Training
    • Medical Professions Education
    • Spanish
    • Mandarin Chinese
    • Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST)
  • Up-to-date technology enhanced classrooms utilizing a variety of devices such as Smartboards, Promethean Boards, netbooks, chromebooks, Ipads, Ipod touches, and Mac labs.
  • Numerous concurrent credit courses through East Arkansas Community College including Composition 1 & 2, College Algebra, Psychology, Diesel Mechanics, Medical Professions, and U. S. History.

Cross County School District

  • 615 students
  • Primary, intermediate, junior and senior high schools
  • 100% of teachers certified in areas they teach
  • 11:1 student/teacher ratio in district
  • $10 million+ in new and upgraded facilities, classrooms and equipment
  • Technology-rich learning environment
  • Intermediate school first in the state for 1:1 learning with laptops
  • Every student, grades 4-6, issued a laptop for the year
  • Quality training for students and teachers using technology
  • Other special programs:
    • Concurrent credit through East Arkansas Community College and Crowley's Ridge Vo-Tech
    • Distance learning classes
    • Reading first K-3
    • Educational Renewal Zone Partner with the University of Central Arkansas